Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents? – Preventing Them to Save Lives 

Pedestrian accidents can be one of the most dangerous accidents because they can cause severe injuries to pedestrians and vehicle damage to the drivers. In many cases, the driver even receives bodily injuries due to the collisions. It has been observed that pedestrians get hit because the speeding vehicle comes on their way all of a sudden with the high speed. The person walking on the street does not get any idea of the speed and hence, receives injuries including brain, spine, and back injuries as well as bruises all over the body.

Why are pedestrian accidents on the rise?

There are several reasons for these accidents. Some of them have been elaborated on below:

Distracted driving

It is one of the most common reasons for these accidents. These days, distraction has been triggered more with the use of mobile phones, car wi-fi, GPS units, TV screens and music systems. All of these features have made vehicles more appealing but they have resulted in more accidents on the road, especially pedestrian accidents. Several laws have been laid down to decrease the usage of these features while driving.

High speed of the vehicle 

Another common reason is the speed of the vehicle. It has been noticed that youngsters love to ride motorcycles, bikes, cars and other vehicles at a higher rate. They enjoy driving like this but it can cost someone’s life.  A pedestrian can get hurt easily if the driver is unable to control the speed of the vehicle. Despite strict laws for high speed, these accidents are on the rise.

Using wrong lanes 

If the driver and the pedestrian do not obey the traffic laws and use the wrong lanes for driving and walking, they can easily get into a road accident. Pedestrian lanes are designed for people to walk from one place to another. They are safer ways for children and seniors. If any cyclist or biker uses these lanes, the crash will definitely happen. Likewise, a pedestrian must use his lane to walk the road and avoid high traffic lanes to avoid accidents.

Disobeying traffic laws

If you don’t obey traffic laws, you can get hit by a car. It is strongly recommended to follow the traffic rules so that you can avoid accidents and save lives.

Pedestrian accidents can be prevented if you avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes.  If you get hurt, get in touch with the officials as soon as possible. 

Navigating Causes and Legal Recourse

Preventing pedestrian accidents mandates vigilance against distractions, high speeds, lane misuse, and traffic violations. In the event of injury, consult an attorney for legal guidance, navigating the intricacies of road safety and personal injury claims for a comprehensive and informed approach.

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