Five Reasons to Hire a Gloucester DWI Attorney After a DWI Arrest

Have you been arrested for DWI in Gloucester? If so, it’s time to find a reliable attorney to represent you. Penalties for DUI in the city are serious and include potential jail time even if it is your first time. To reduce the consequences of your arrest, protect your rights, and build a robust defense strategy. This is possible by hiring a skilled Gloucester DWI attorney. Remember that any attorney won’t suffice. You need to find the best and the most experienced one in the city. This attorney will provide you with the best chance to reduce your possible penalties and avoid a conviction. Below are specific reasons you need a great attorney on your side after a DWI arrest:

DWI Cases are Different

Unlike other criminal cases in Gloucester, DWI cases are unique. Indeed, these cases are not criminal; but rather a traffic offense. Thus, you have different rights than what you are afforded in other cases. You need an attorney who concentrates on DWI defense and is familiar with all the details that can seriously affect your defense. 

You Need to Identify Possible Defenses

To build a strong defense strategy, you must know the defenses available. A lawyer who does not handle your type of case regularly may overlook vital facts. Did the police see things that would indicate you were sober even if a police report does not show such observations? Your attorney will look into this type of possibility to build your defenses.

The Penalties are Harsh

A first-time DWI offense has penalties that include fines, alcohol education, insurance surcharges, potential jail time, and driver’s license suspension. Second and subsequent DWI offenses come with increased penalties. Avoiding such penalties should be enough reason to hire an experienced lawyer. 

A DWI Conviction is Life-Changing

Aside from the statutory penalties for drunk driving, a conviction can affect every aspect of your life. You could end up being jobless, kicked out of school, and having difficulty finding a new job or taking out a loan. In fact, it can be hard to get an apartment after a DWI conviction. 

Expungement Does Not Apply to Your Case

Because a DWI isn’t a criminal case, a DWI conviction cannot be expunged. An expungement can wipe clean your record without challenging a conviction’s validity after some period has passed. Sadly, only indictable criminal offenses can be expunged in the state of New Jersey.

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